Y2K sweatshirt

The essential Y2K sweatshirt to have for a 2000s look

Our collection The Y2K sweatshirt is essential for a 2000s look! This selection of the best full zips is designed to give you an elegant and modern look. Its sporty cut and timeless colors allow you to adopt a fashionable and relaxed attitude. The careful details and quality materials achieve this look for uncompromising style. Choose from our different models and show that you are at the forefront of fashion!

Y2K sweatshirt


Our Y2K hoodies have unique pieces that give you a look that is both trendy and vintage. With their atypical designs inspired by the 2000sthey are designed to help you stand out ! You can choose between colorful or discreet patternslight or thicker materialsand modern or retro finishes. Our designs are inspired by the era of the grunge trend with original colors, high collars, oversized sleeves and zip closures to suit everyone. A selection of original prints with rhinestones, glitter and aesthetic prints for unique clothing.

Y2K hoodie


Our collection of Y2K sweaters is designed to be unisex sizes (women and men) and offer you a unique and daring look. These pieces are ideal for a casual and modern style, whatever your gender. The colors, cuts and materials are chosen to adapt to all bodies and tastes. You will inevitably find a model that suits you and which will allow you to assert yourself and feel comfortable. Have the style you want with our Y2K sweaters!

Y2K sweater

Our store offers prices and fast delivery, our clothes are of quality and the origin of its inspiration comes from the urban vintage fashion of the time. Our color palette is the widest in France, it ranges from black to multicolored.